About Us


Greentelligent Technologies LLP is a technology integrator and sustainable consultancy dedicated to Indian industrial sector.

Our objective is to facilitate the delivery & implementation of truly sustainable and environmental friendly solutions, through a comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective approach with state-of-the-art technological advancements and engineering best practices.

We work closely in partnership with our clients and associates from various manufacturing, real estate and environmental service industry because we believe in the philosophy that alone we could do things fast, but together we could achieve more than we could possibly imagine. A sustainable community, less polluting industry, a healthy environment and a forever green planet is our vision.

We are in the business of Water & Waste Water Treatment, Environmental Consultancy and Industrial Instrumentation & Automation solutions and therefore we are aware of the shocking truth that the solutions adopted in most medium to large scale Indian industries are still outdated compared to international environmental standards. The conditions are worse in small scale industries due to financial and technological challenges.

Greentelligent Technologies LLP was the brain child of such circumstances which led the requirement of a company that industries could trust, with not only intelligent products but committed services from internationally trained professionals and environmental consultants.

With a team of experts from various engineering and management field of studies and international experience from UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Germany, USA and having being worked with eminent personalities like professor Dr. Bluhm and internationally approved methods we could manage air, water and the overall environment like no other traditional company could, be it a sophisticated compliance job or installation & commissioning of monitoring instruments or fine tuning & calibration of highly sensitive sensors.

Green is our passion, Intelligent is our choice. We make possible making things Greentelligent.
Now in India.