Dust Monitoring Solutions

dust monitoring solutions

Dust & Outdoor Particulate Monitoring

Greentelligent instruments made by Kanomax are preferred by professionals that must monitor and maintain industrial hygiene to ensure occupational safety, comfort, and productivity. Our dust monitoring instruments contribute to worker safety by providing accurate, real-time measurements of dangerous, respirable particles. Sound and vibration meters provide exposure levels of noise and vibration.

Dust Monitors are designed to monitor the amount of airborne particulates in the environment over a period of time. They can be used to show OSHA Compliance, ensure worker safety, or for research purposes. Because exposure to dust and particulates is hazardous to human health, organizations such as the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and OSHA have exposure guidelines in place to guarantee the safety of workers and others who may be exposed to
airborne particulates.

Products in this range

digital light scattering dust monitor
Digital Dust Monitor
Dust Monitor 3443 is a compact and high quality instrument ensures highly accurate dust measurements via a user-friendly & intuitive interface.
piexobalance dust monitor
Piezobalance Dust Monitor
Piezobalance dust monitor operates by electrically charging the particulates it takes in. The charged particulates are then deposited on a piezocrystal.
outdoor particlate monitoring
Outdoor Particulate Monitoring Dust Sentry – provides real time, continuous particle measurement of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 or PM1 with datalogging and alarm relay outputs.