Galvanic Sensor for Dissolved Oxygen

galvanic sensor for dissolved oxygenOxyTechw² GAL Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The OxyTechw² GAL Sensor has been designed to provide highly reliable Dissolved Oxygen measurements. The sensor employs the traditional galvanic principle.

The rugged 100 micron, HDPE membrane has been selected to provide exceptional resistance to damage. This, combined with Oxyguard’s unique electrolyte and anode material provides long term stability of 3 years and longer without the need for sensor refurbishment or membrane replacement.

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  • For installation in activated sludge plants (ASP’s) we recommend that the sensor is installed using our specially designed self cleaning mounting system, with a flexible joint in the mounting shaft. The flexible joint moves the sensor in the process, keeping the membrane clean by reducing bio-fouling without the use of a compressor and with the added benefit of allowing rags to fall away from the assembly. This motion is similar to that achieved by using a floating ball assembly, with the added advantage of placing the sensor below the surface of the liquor. This means that the sensor is below the level of the floating fats and greases that accumulate at the surface and results in the Dissolved Oxygen reading being more representative of the entire tank.

    An additional option for use regarding in-line applications is a full bore measurement chamber suitable for use up to 6 Bar pressure.

    The OxyTechw² GAL provides the reliable, accurate measurement that is required to operate activated sludge plants at the optimum Dissolved Oxygen concentration, maintaining the balance between the running costs of blowers and aerators and the need to produce high quality effluent.

  • Physical
    Dimensions (hxwxd) Ø58mm, 88 mm long
    Weight 0.5 kg
    Protection Class IP68
    Enclosure Material Polyoxymethylene (POM) with HDPE membrane
    Cable Entry Integral Cable Gland
    Cable Length 10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum

    Interface to Monitor
    Power Supply 12 VDC from Monitor
    Sensor Output ModTechw², RS485

    Environmental Data
    Operating/Storage Temperature 0 to 50ºC
    Location Indoor/Outdoor
    Pressure Rating 5 Bar
    Service No routine service

    Periodic cleaning is required at a frequncy determined by the application. Our self cleaning shaft option is highly recommended, this eliminates manual cleaning between calibrations.
    Calibration The sensor is inherently stable, calibration should be carried out to suit the application. Our recommendation is every 6 months.

  • Measuring Characteristics
    Principal of Operation Galvanic Oxygen Partial Pressure Cell, Self Polarising, Self Temperature Compensating

    Iron/Silver Electrode Combination
    Temperature NTC
    Accuracy +/- 0.1 mg/l or +/- 1%Sat
    Repeatability Better than +/- 1% FSD
    Display Resolution see 7300w² Monitor
    Response Time 90% of step change in less than 90 seconds
    Flowrate 1 cm/second
    Units mg/l, ppm, %Sat
    Range 0-20 mg/l (ppm)
    0-200 %Sat

  • Part Number with Description
    224006 OxyTechw² GAL Sensor (Range 0-20 mg/l, Cable Length: 10 metres)
    224007 OxyTechw² GAL Sensor (Range 0-20 mg/l, Cable Length: 20 metres)
    Mounting Shaft with Self Clean Option
    224529 FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 1.0 metres)
    224531 FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 2.0 metres)
    224533 FlexTech Shaft Assembly with Flexible Coupling (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 3.0 metres)
    Mounting Shaft without Self Cleaning
    224523 FlexTech Shaft Assembly (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 1.0 metres)
    224525 FlexTech Shaft Assembly (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 2.0 metres)
    224527 FlexTech Shaft Assembly (OxyTechw² GAL Sensor, 3.0 metres)
    Mounting Brackets
    223980 FlexTech Sensor Bracket (Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)
    224567 FlexTech Extension Bracket Assembly (500mm Long, Handrail Ø40 to 60.3 mm)
    strong>Service Pack
    224569 OxyTechw² GAL Spare Pack (10 membranes and ) O Rings, 50 ml Type 3 Electrolyte)

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