Waterwatch Monitor 7300w2

partech monitor Monitor for the WaterWatch² Range
The 7300w² Monitor is the core product in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor is designed to interface with all of the sensors in the WaterWatch² range. The monitor specification provides all the connections required for 1 or 2 sensors, systems can be created by the use of expansion boxes to include multiple sensors. The maximum number of sensors will be limited by the practicalities of most sites. We anticipate 8 being a sensible maximum although many more can be accommodated.

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  • Combining sensors provides a very cost effective way of simultaneously monitoring parameters such as dissolved oxygen and suspended solids in an activated sludge plant, or pH and turbidity at a treatment works outfall where the sensors can be located close together.

    Monitoring of these key parameters requires sensors that are reliable and accurate, the TurbiTechw² LS meets this requirement perfectly.

    The large optical surfaces and sample volume ensure that the information provided by the sensor is both representative of the process and tolerant of fouling. In addition the sensor incorporates a self cleaning mechanism that ensures the optical surfaces are kept clean at all times, the cleaning system is designed to avoid problems with ragging and does not smear the optical system.

    The cleaning system ensures that manual intervention on a routine basis is not required, the sensor should simply be checked as part of general site housekeeping.

    The TurbiTechw² LS Sensor employs infrared light at 860 nm using the 90º Light Scatter principle in accordance with ISO7027 (2000). The cleaning process is automatically initiated by the 7300w² Monitor at a user determined frequency.

    The cleaning process takes only 90 seconds, which means that the sensor is available for 99.5% of the time with a 5 hourly cleaning cycle.

  • Physical
    Dimensions (hxwxd) 185 x 215 x 95 mm
    Weight 1.4 kg
    Protection Class IP65
    Enclosure Material ABS
    Cable Entry 1x M20, 4x M16, 1x M12
    Cable Core Size Max Conductor Size 2.5 mm²

    Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Power Rating 30 W
    If more than two TurbiTechw² Sensors are to be used than an external higher rated power may be necessary

    Environmental Data
    Operating/Storage Temperature -20 to 60ºC, 0-95% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
    Location Indoor/Outdoor

    User Interface
    Display Graphical LCD, Black on White, Transreflective
    Viewing Area 78 x 59 mm
    Back Light On/Off/On after Keypress with user adjustable contract
    Membrane Keypad 6 Key, pillow embossed, 20 mm diameter

  • Inputs
    Sensor 2x ModTechw², RS485
    Auxilliary Additional input for ancilliary devices such as sample presence detectors. This connection can also be used for powering such devices

    Analogue 2x 4-20 mA, maximum load 750 ohm
    Relays 3
    Relay Type SPCO
    Relay Rating Max 2A @ 30VDC/230VAC
    Auxiliary Connections Configurable for Remote Input, Device Power

  • Part Number with Description
    224939-WaterWatch² Expansion Box (3-4 Sensor Input, 4x 0/4-20mA Output, 4x Relay Outputs) (Cable Length: 2 metres)

    224473-WaterWatch² Expansion Box (3-8 Sensor Inputs) (Cable Length: 2 metres)

    224476-WaterWatch² Expansion Box (8x 0/4-20mA Output, 8x Relay Outputs) (Cable Length: 2 metres)

    225036-WaterWatch² Power Supply (Input: 100-240VAC, Output: 12VDC, 5A)

  • Part Number with Description
    223160 7300w² Monitor (100 to 240 VAC, 2x 0/4-20mA Output, 3x Relay Outputs)
    223161 7300w² Monitor (9 to 30 VAC, 2x 0/4-20mA Output, 3x Relay Outputs)

    Mounting Options
    223974 FlexTech Monitor Bracket (7300w²/SludgeWatch Ultra Monitor, Ø 43 to 60.3mm)

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